March First Friday 2019

This was my 3rd show at the Emporium in Knoxville, TN. I’d spent the last 8 months getting ready and with a last minute rush (and a lot of wiring and schlepping help from Kevin) was able to put up 13 pieces. One, the Daffodil, has already sold. There was interest as well in several other pieces. I have finally gotten my act together and have both business cards and this website, so was able to send interested folks away with a means to get in touch with me. The Emporium has become a very popular venue, so traffic was great- this is definitely one of the places to be on a Friday night! The Tennessee Theatre and downtown movie theatre, as well as Market Square are within walking distance. Many good restaurants and shops to check out , too. A family favorite is Babalu. We also like Cru and Emilia, though I have yet to have a bad meal in any of the restaurants we have been to in the area. My art is in the Atrium and will stay up thru March with the gallery open Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm. Come check it out!

20190301_170603 (1).jpg

Spring Flowers on the right and my New York City Q train folks on the left.